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Arrogant, spendthrift, seductive…

Throughout the ages, certain women have acquired notoriety that goes beyond reality, propelling them to the rank of black legends subjected to reductive stereotypes. Their image has made them grotesque figures, devoid of humanity, embodying the imaginary faults of their society. However, digging a little deeper reveals that these women were educated, independent and considered too daring by their contemporaries.

With the “Bad Reputation” series, I invite you to discover historical and media figures whose image has been tarnished by rumors and prejudices. Due to the legends associated with them, it is difficult to see their true colors without being influenced. Double exposure portraits play with the optical effect of “binocular rivalry”. To uncover more human features, glasses with colored lenses can be used to erase rumor stains. The gesture of putting on these glasses represents the desire to learn, to question rumors and not to be influenced by prejudices.

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